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Are you ready to sell a service you can feel good about? Do you have the desire to help others while having the freedom and flexibility to earn a potentially substantial income with residuals for life? Then you need to keep reading…
This is an exciting opportunity because of the pure amount of potential clients who can genuinely benefit from our products. With the ever changing health insurance market and fluctuating premiums, more people need help with basic everyday medical necessities. People trying to lower their everyday medical costs or trying to navigate the medical system for lower out of pocket expenses need to have this plan.
The great news is, since this is not actual insurance, you do not have to be licensed to sell it!

About MSP:

MSP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenway Insurance & Financial, a full lines Independent Insurance Agency that has successfully been in the insurance and financial sector for over two decades. Come check us out at You will see, we are the real deal. Located in St. Peters, MO with a satellite office in Lake Ozark, MO, we also have agents scattered across the country working independently… and you could be one of them!
It is important to understand that MSP plans do not contain any insurance products or services, they instead offer discount benefits and services that can either enhance or substitute insurance products for the consumer. These plans have features that most insurance plans do not provide, and they can bridge the gap for many clients struggling financially with medical related expenses.

Are You a Licensed Agent In the Insurance Industry?

Although being a licensed agent is not required for this seller opportunity, we love offering this product to licensed agents to sell as an additional or supplemental product to many of their clients and leads. We have a great script in place that we feel any licensed agent can use and increase their income tremendously with this opportunity.

Get Your Broker Service Fee 

Tired or losing commissions and clients due to strict open enrollment guidelines? Tired of clients switching or cancelling plans and losing out on your monthly earnings? We have good news! MSP products will never be affected by the marketplace because it is exclusive to MSP and they are not insurance products. So, you get the benefits of the residuals without the headache of stringent guidelines and your clients get many of the benefits similar to insurance, without the high premiums.
These products can serve as a stand-alone plan or as an additional non-insurance plan that anyone can add to their product line to increase savings and benefits. It truly is a win-win for both client and seller and something you can be proud to be a part of. Contact us directly to learn more about selling these products during open enrollment and getting your well-deserved Broker Service Fee through our MSP Exchange Navigation Services.

Not Licensed? Not a Problem.

Licensed or not, we are always on the lookout for new sales reps and will even offer sponsorship to getting a state license to any salesman (or woman) who proves to be successful selling MSP plans.
MSP with no licensing requirements (in most states) is a great springboard to gauge if the insurance industry would be a good fit for a new career opportunity.
The way you sell this product is going to be a little different than a licensed agent would due to your limited ability in certain aspects, but this can and will be explained when you contact us and rest assured, we will have every client you onboard covered with whatever service they need out of their chosen plan! We will also fully equip and train you so you can feel confident in selling MSP plans.
Anybody who ever dreamed of being self-employed in the world of sales or insurance industry, this is truly an amazing opportunity with all the following attributes:
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Offers a free lead program
  • Advance commissions paid daily
  • Trips and incentive programs
  • State license sponsorship should you consider a career with our parent company.
Contact us for more details and to see if you would be a good fit for this amazing springboard opportunity!

Commissions and Advancements:

General Distribution Seller:
(No minimum requirements for clients on the books)
  • 40% Commission First Year
  • 15% Renewal 2nd year forward
The General Distribution Seller level is for the modest seller. You will probably be in this category if you choose to do this casually or as a supplemental income. Maybe you sell a couple of plans a month, and enjoy the extra money. We have sellers from all walks of life who choose to do this passively or aggressively. Just remember, the rewards are based on efforts. If you want to increase your first year commissions and renewals, please see our Managing Distribution Seller Details below.

Managing Distribution Seller:

(Must have a minimum of 50 active MSP clients at all times to qualify)
  • 50% Commission First Year
  • 20% Renewal 2 nd year forward
The Managing Distribution Seller level is for the aggressive seller or established insurance agency who wants to offer this product as a downline to their agents. You are probably hungry for success and want to do this as a full time business making passive income to land in this level. In order to earn the commissions offered at this level, you must have at least 50 active clients on the books. If you are a good salesman, putting in the effort, and believe in this product, you can easily achieve this relatively quickly. The more you work and the harder you work, the less you will have to work down the road. Although clients do fall off the books and cancel for one reason or another at times, we pride ourselves on having a 75% retention first year retention rate and 90% every year after on our plans!

Additional Discount offers & Earning Potential!

When you become a seller of MSP, you are automatically enrolled as a seller for our American Savers Club memberships, which offer additional savings for your clients and even more earning potential for you! You can sell MSP or ASC, or you can bundle both for the client! Each product is separate and unique in its offerings and can cater in many ways to many people. This opens up your flexibility and product line with the client. By bundling you can offer clients discounts on the processing fee too. There are many ways to earn with us and many ways to save too! To learn more about our American Savers Club memberships and how you can include them in your product portfolio, please contact us.

Investment and Requirements:

Due to this being a sales driven role specific to plans that hold various product offerings, we do require that anyone who joins as a seller purchase one of our plans in order to understand its features, truly experience its benefits, and confidently and wholeheartedly be able to sell MSP plans to others. This can be negotiated based on whether you are an experienced, licensed agent.
It is important to understand that this is not an MLM. We have an actual interview process that takes place before we recruit anyone; and if you are recruited, your job is not to recruit others (that’s our job). Your job is specifically to understand the product and sell, sell, sell! This is why getting a plan is such an important requirement. You need to understand what you are selling and believe in the benefits. If you look at it this way, having just two active client on the books is going to more than cover the cost of your plan anyways, and if you can obtain your processing fee for the Exchange Navigation Service, you can earn even more immediately.
When your client list grows, your monthly income grows. For as little as 19.95/mo, you can be running a successful business from home as a 1099 employee making residuals into your bank account potentially exceeding 10k a month within a year! So, there really is no limit to your success. It is all based on the effort YOU put in. We just need people who can sell and who can prove they believe in the plan by KEEPING their plan.
We also require a one-time enrollment fee of $100. This is to cover the cost of training and getting you setup on our online E-Form as a Seller so you can sell these plans seamlessly online through the website. We need only those that are serious about this opportunity and understand that this is like running your own business, except the costs to get started are so minimal in comparison to many similar opportunities out there, and your earning potential is limitless!


Training is dependent upon various factors such as where you are located, are you licensed, what experience do you have selling, and what your goals are. The best info is going to come from when you join the plan and learn it features. The rest you leave up to us. We have scripts in place that can help you walk a client through various ways to sell this product, making sure they are getting the best deal and plan for their needs and budget. We can even offer business cards and brochures if you desire. It just takes putting yourself out there and really trying. No shy or timid people here! We need outgoing personalities that shine on the phone. So when you do reach out, make sure to wow us with your phone presence!

Application Process:

Our application process is simple, contact us below to express your interest in this opportunity, and someone will reach out to you to discuss the opportunity further and see if you would be a good fit. Our company does do a basic background check to make sure all potential sellers meet our basic compliance guidelines. This can be discussed during the interview process. We look at this as a career opportunity. Selling experience and a license in Life and Health are all huge pluses, however, with the right personality and tenacity we are willing to interview people ready to breakout into the world of sales.

Interested and Excited? Contact Us Now! 1-800- 750-7581

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We will pay commission out on your own policy if you decide to become an active distributor. Anyone who is interested in being a distributor for the medical savings plan program please contact us today!