“I am a farmer in Old Monroe, MO. About two weeks after I took out the Medical Savings Plan I was kicked by a bull and was hospitalized for over two weeks, this bull nearly killed me. My wife and I had a health Savings Account plan with $5,000 deductible with no first dollar benefits on the plan. I found it unbelievable that even though I only had this Medical Savings Plan for two weeks, I only paid my $100 deductible and the MSP paid $5,000 of my $50,000 claim. My minor medical health plan paid me the remaining balance and I was out of pocket only $100. I would recommend this plan to anyone looking for a great accident plan.”


“About a month after I took out a colonial life plan I went in for an emergency room visit and the company didn’t want to pay the claim. I had just taken out this program through my employer group medical plan and it was supposed to be guaranteed issue but they told me the plan hadn’t taken effect. I got the mdical savings plan to review my claim and they were able to get my $1,000 claim paid, there was no way I was going to get it paid after it for over six months. Thanks for your dedicated follow up to get this claim paid.


“I own a pawn store in Illinois and Missouri. I had an employee robbed at gunpoint by a burglar who made off with over $12,000 worth of firearms. When I submitted the claim to my agent who was in Phoenix, Arizona it was obvious I was a nuisance and he told me I had no coverage for this claim, it was excluded in my policy provision. Even though the claim was two years old the Medical Savings Plan took on the claim and was able to get my the $12,000 claim reimbursement that was being refused by my carrier. Truly unbelievable that you were able to get this claim reimbursed.”


“My daughter needed braces but no dental plan would cover her due to preexisting conditions. Her braces were going to cost me $6000! Medical Savings Plan offered immediate coverage and through the Dentemax portion saved me $2,200 off the price of braces. Now she has straight teeth and we will never go without the Medical Savings Plan Best Benefits Plan. The savings on dental work alone made it worth purchasing, not to mention the other great benefits.”